What We’ve Done

 Russian market: rising above the language barrier

 Russian customers have always been very important target group for virtually all sectors including such locomotives for UAE economy as real estate, tourism, hospitality and auto industry. Despite the known purchasing power the large stake of Russian customers has poor ability to communicate in English and therefore are being “deaf” to all marketing efforts unless advertisement comes in Russian. The experts of WordAffect have identified the communications gap in timely manner and proposed the solution in the form of creating professional advertisement in Russian language from scratch as well as translation and adaptation of already existing marketing materials. More then 150 pieces of text including press releases, magazine articles, e-marketing content, web-site updates, etc. have been created by copywriters of WordAffect from the beginning of work in 2007 and up-to-date.
Auto industry: adding value to marketing activities
Leading car dealerships in Dubai have become the first companies that WordAffect approached for cooperation. In short period of time a number of agreements have been signed and initial marketing materials in proper, proof read Russian language were created. Test-drives of brand new cars have become the most successful product. Dozen of brand new vehicles of world-renowned brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Hammer, Jeep, Lamborghini, etc. have been taken out of the showroom and driven along Dubai streets. Some of articles created upon those test-drives have been presented to the dealerships for future use, others were published in local Russian language magazines. 
Event management industry: opening the door to multimillion-dollar CIS market
From the period of 2008 to 2010 specialists of WordAffect have been privately employed by one of the world leading business information company Naseba (www.naseba.com). Headquartered in Monaco, with network of offices in Europe, Middle East, Indian sub-continent and Asia, Naseba initiates, promotes and hosts cutting edge B2B events across wide range of industries. During the mentioned period a complex of sales materials have been translated and adopted into Russian language in order to increase sales to prospective clients on CIS market (Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.). Industry specific materials included both sales and marketing tools – sales pitches, interactive/qualifying questions, product information, fax/e-mail packages, e-marketing templates, press releases, etc. Preparation of quality tailor-made materials added value to overall sales process and allowed to acquire a number of high-profile clients for events in Real Estate, Investments, Building Materials, Aviation and Women Empowerment.
Romance with media… polishing the art of writing
The copywriting services currently offered by WordAffect would have never been up to high international standards if the employed copywriters were not following the path of professional development. Most of them started as reporters and journalists for local printed publications, climbing the career ladder to editors-in-chief and senior contributors. From the city of Moscow and Ekaterinburg in Russia, to Keele and London in the UK followed by Dubai, UAE, up-scale publications published articles created by them. The list of publications that our copywriters worked with is including but not limited to glossy Happy and Mobile Style magazines, Official City portal E1 (Ekaterinburg), Rosbank Journal (Moscow), KP national news-paper (Moscow), The Chief business magazine (St. Peterburg), Russian Emirates (UAE), Around Auto (UAE) and more.

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