Who We Are

What is Dubai? Mirage Megapolis in the middle of sands… Skyrocketing global tourist attraction… Crossroads of trade ways… There is endless flow of epithets to describe Dubai, its attractive magnetism for people of various nations, backgrounds and cultures. Dubai phenomenon is here and proudly stands!
From the emerging of Dubai as merchants’ heaven all traders have been facing the common problem – how to deliver the message about their products to customers that speak dozens different languages, how to bring marketing information across the language barrier, how to touch the strings of the souls that come from every possible end of the world…  The key to success is the language that your business speaks to your customers!
We believe that a person or a company in human society are both judged by the language they speak. The language is reflection of culture. Therefore the highest standards of language should by applied to all communication materials.
WordAffect provides solutions of copywriting the wide range of sales and marketing materials.
We create refined, elegant, graceful and yet focused texts.
We add value by taking your communication materials to the next level of quality.
Scope of work
  • PR articles
  • Press-releases
  • Reviews and reports
  • Website news and updates
  • E-mail marketing templates
  • On-line and printed newsletters
  • Content for advertisement
  • Speeches and presentations
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